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- Sandra Schamroth Abrams, Ph.D.

"Students need to see that, in school, they can return to their work as a means to explore new meanings without consequence."

Sandra is a trusted source for educators and parents who are interested in understanding how youth today make meaning and navigate the ever changing technological landscape.


Areas of Specialization

Videogaming and Meaning Making

Technology Use in Learning Spaces

Game-Based Learning

in the Classroom

Speaking Engagements

Professional Development

Corporate Technology Consulting

Advisory Board Positions

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Publications / Books


Videogames, Libraries, and the Feedback Loop: Learning Beyond the Stacks

Child Parent Research.jpg

Child-Parent Research Reimagined

Integrating Virtual and Traditional Learning 6-12 Classrooms: A Layered Literacies Approach to Multimodal Meaning Making

Managing Educational Technology: School Partnerships and Technology Integration

Conducting Qualitative Research of Learning in Online Space

Bridging Literacies

with Videogames 

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Writing in Education: The Art of Writing for Education

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Part of the Teachers College Record special issue

Virtual Convergence: Exploring Culture and Meaning in Playscapes

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The Future Is Here

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